Chapel Audio Messages

  • Mon, 03/27/2017
    03/27/2017-David Croteau-Defining Evangelicalism
  • Thu, 03/23/2017
    03/23/2017-Rev Victor Cuartas-Shifting From Survival To Significance
  • Tue, 03/21/2017
    03/21/2017-Jeff Philpott-The Garden, The Trials, and The Denials
    Scripture: John 18:1-27
  • Thu, 03/16/2017
    03/16/2017-Dr. Andre Rogers-Parable of the Sower
  • Tue, 03/14/2017
    03/14/2017-Dr. Bill Jones-Source of Fruitfulness
    Scripture: Galatians 5:22-23

    Dr. Bill Jones continues his series on the Victorious Christian Life

  • Wed, 02/22/2017
    02/22/2017-Paul Sydnor-Crossing Cultures
    Scripture: John 4:4-26

    This is Paul Sydnors 3rd part of his World Christ

  • Tue, 02/21/2017
    02/21/2017-Paul Sydnor-The Journey Of Refugees
    Scripture: Mark 4:35-5:43

    Paul Sydnors 2nd part to his World Christian Week series.

  • Mon, 02/20/2017
    02/20/2017-Paul Sydnor-Biblical Basis For Mission Among Refugees
    Scripture: Luke 4:14-30

    Paul Sydnors 1st message in his World Christian Week series

  • Thu, 02/16/2017
    02/16/2017-Dr. Bill Jones-Power Of Proclamation
    Scripture: Acts 1:8

    Dr. Bill Jones continues his series on the Victorious Christian Life

  • Tue, 02/14/2017
    02/14/2017-Joao Mordomo-The 3 C's of Missions
    Scripture: Exodus 19:4-6

    Joao Mordomo gives us 3 C's framework for missions

  • Thu, 02/09/2017
    02/09/2017-Andre Melvin-When Your Faith Slides
    Scripture: Psalms 73:1-28

    Pastor Melvin reads Psalm 73 as a guide for when our faith slides.

  • Tue, 02/07/2017
    02/07/2017-Elmer Towns-Planting Reproducing Churches

    Elmer Towns charges Churches to be reproducing churches.

  • Thu, 02/02/2017
    02/02/2017-James Dixon Jr.-Living In Love
    Scripture: Romans 12:9-13
  • Wed, 02/01/2017
    02/01/2017-Napolean Bradford-Love LItmus Test
    Scripture: John 13:35

    Love Lessons Part 2 - What are the components of Christ's Love Litmus test?

  • Tue, 01/31/2017
    01/31/2017-Napolean Bradford-The Love Dare
    Scripture: John 13:34

    Love Lessons Part 1 - What are some challenges to loving as Jesus Commands?

  • Thu, 01/26/2017
    01/26/2017-Adrian Despres-Bricks and Sticks
    Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:10-15

    God's people need to build their future heavenly home with bricks and not sticks

  • Thu, 01/19/2017
    01/19/2017-Rick Swift-Walking with Joshua
    Scripture: Numbers, Joshua
  • Tue, 01/17/2017
    01/17/2017-Dr. Bill Jones-Putting It All Together
    Scripture: Galatians 5:16

    President Jones' 6th part in his Victorious Christian Living Series.

  • Fri, 12/09/2016
    12/09/2016-Senator Darrell Jackson-CIU Fall Commencement

    Columbia International University's Fall 2016 Commencement Message

  • Thu, 12/01/2016
    12/01/2016-Dr. Bill Jones-Turning the Power Loose
    Scripture: Philippians 2:12-13


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