Chapel Audio Messages

  • Thu, 11/30/1978
    11/30/1978-George Murray-Missions and the Heart of God
    Scripture: Luke 15:1-32

    The last in a series of five messages on “Missions and God,” this tape concludes the message on ‘Missions and the Will of God’ (#79317) and then ends with a powerful exposition of Luke 15, showing out that the main point of the chapter is not the lost sheep, the lost coin, or the lost son, but the older brother, ‘the man who missed the true meaning of the heart of God.’

  • Wed, 12/31/1969
    12/31/1969-Margaret Kibben-First Love, Lasting Faith
    Scripture: Psalms 40:3-10, 1 Timothy 1:5-14, Revelation 2:1-5

    Trust your call. Own your call. Live your call.

  • Wed, 12/31/1969
    12/31/1969-Charles Jackson-Winter Commencement 2018

    Pastor Charles Jackson delivers the commencement speech to the class of 2018

  • Wed, 12/31/1969
    12/31/1969-Larry Dixon-Historicity of Adam

    Pt. 2 Of Authority of Scripture Week

  • Wed, 12/31/1969
    12/31/1969-Andre Melvin-A Courageous Spirit
    Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7

    A servant of the Lord must have courage, but God will give you what you need


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