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  • Tue, 03/19/2002
    03/19/2002-George Murray-John The Baptist : Signs of the Spirit's Fullness, Part 2
    Scripture: John 10:41-42

    The most important thing about the Holy Spirit is not the Holy Spirit, but the Lord Jesus Christ. John the Baptist’s Spirit-filled life radiated the characteristics of Jesus.

  • Tue, 02/26/2002
    02/26/2002-George Murray-John the Baptist: Sign of the Spirit's Fullness, Part 1
    Scripture: John 10:41-42

    Are signs and wonders the clear proof of the Holy Spirit’s fulness? Not necessarily. Though John the Baptist never performed a miracle, he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • Wed, 02/20/2002
    02/20/2002-George Murray-The Local Church: Indispensable Missionary Sender
    Scripture: Acts 13:1-4

    Don’t go to the mission field without the unqualified commendation and backing of a local church. You need this for accountability and support. Besides, it’s biblical!

  • Fri, 01/25/2002
    01/25/2002-George Murray-Equity or Eternity?
    Scripture: Luke 12:15-21

    The man in this parable was an honest, early-rising, hard-working farmer who got what he deserved because he worked for it with his own two hands. Why, then, did God call him "a fool"? The answer may surprise you.

  • Tue, 01/08/2002
    01/08/2002-George Murray-Knowing Christ
    Scripture: Philippians 3:10-15

    One sure sign of spiritual maturity is the desire to grow, and one major hindrance to growth is an unhealthy obsession with the past.

  • Sat, 10/27/2001
    10/27/2001-George Murray-The Goodness of God
    Scripture: Nahum 1:7

    God is good and His goodness is great, even when it may not appear to be; and, God wants us to understand, continue in, and demonstrate His goodness to others.

  • Tue, 10/23/2001
    10/23/2001-George Murray-Relationships

    A one-on-one conversation between George and Annette Murray about relationships, especially between men and women students.

  • Thu, 10/18/2001
    10/18/2001-George Murray-Go! Look! Be Moved! Pray!
    Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38

    We’re not moved because we’re not looking. In this passage, Jesus give us the solution for reaching the whole world.

  • Wed, 10/17/2001
    10/17/2001-George Murray-Four Ways God Answers Prayer
    Scripture: Jeremiah 33:3, 1 John 5:14-15

    When we are “standing on praying ground” God always answers our prayers, but it may be in a different way than we expect.

  • Thu, 08/30/2001
    08/30/2001-George Murray-Look the Lamb of God
    Scripture: John 1:29

    This helpful study points out the reality of sin, the necessity of the Lamb, and the simplicity of looking and believing.

  • Fri, 05/18/2001
    05/18/2001-George Murray-The Purpose of God's Choosing
    Scripture: John 15:16

    The Bible does not talk about hundreds of different things; the Bible talks about one thing in hundreds of different ways. That one thing reveals why God chooses us to belong to Him.

  • Tue, 04/24/2001
    04/24/2001-George Murray-Present-Tense Salvation Is Victorious Christian Living
    Scripture: Romans 1:16

    Victorious Christian living is God’s intended present-tense salvation norm for every believer.

  • Tue, 04/03/2001
    04/03/2001-George Murray-We Need The Gospel for Present-Tense Salvation
    Scripture: Romans 1:16

    Not only did we need to believe the Gospel for initial salvation, but we must believe and accept its provision for present-tense victorious Christian living.

  • Tue, 03/06/2001
    03/06/2001-George Murray-Bloodguiltiness
    Scripture: Psalms 51:14

    The bloodguiltiness of the Church is far greater than the bloodguiltiness of Cain. The man he killed went to heaven; the people we ignore go to Hell. Can we, like Paul, say “I am free from the blood of all people?”

  • Thu, 02/22/2001
    02/22/2001-George Murray-Do You Have a Missionary Heart?
    Scripture: Mark 16:15

    Missions is not primarily a matter of geographic distance or ethnic difference; missions is primarily a matter of Gospel availability. While all of us may not become missionaries, we all need to have a missionary heart.

  • Sun, 01/28/2001
    01/28/2001-George Murray-Look, the Lamb of God Who Takes Away...Sin:
    Scripture: John 1:29

    An expensive stolen ring and confession four years after the theft teach lessons of forgivness and restitution.

  • Thu, 01/25/2001
    01/25/2001-George Murray-Forgetting What Is Behind
    Scripture: Philippians 3:10-16

    Two great hindrances to spiritual growth are the inability to forget past failures and the inability to forget past hurts. God’s forgiveness toward us is the key to dealing with past failure, and our forgiveness toward others is the key to dealing with past hurts.

  • Tue, 01/09/2001
    01/09/2001-George Murray-Spiritual Growth
    Scripture: Philippians 3:10-16

    Spiritual growth is not measure by how much we know, but by how much we obey.

  • Fri, 12/08/2000
    12/08/2000-George Murray-The Government Will Be Upon His Shoulders
    Scripture: Isaiah 9:6-7

    God never intended for you to bear the weight of the world, because the government is squarely on His shoulders.

  • Tue, 11/14/2000
    11/14/2000-George Murray-The Gospel Reveals the Righteousness of God
    Scripture: Romans 1:1-7, Romans 1:14-17

    All of God’s righteousness can be ours because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can be completely clean through the finished work of Christ.


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