Chapel Audio Messages

  • Tue, 12/02/2014
    12/02/2014-George Murray-Christmas Means Leaving Home
    Scripture: John 20:21

    While most of us love to GO home for Christmas to be with family and friends, Jesus LEFT home on Christmas Day in order to reach a lost world. We need to follow His example. That is the true spirit of Christmas.

  • Thu, 11/20/2014
    11/20/2014-Dr. Bill Jones-Serving the purpose of God in This Generation: Pt. 3 The Servant Leader's Critics

    Part of Dr. Jones's "Leadership Lessons From David" Series

  • Tue, 11/18/2014
    11/18/2014-Andre Melvin-Redeeming The Time
  • Thu, 11/13/2014
    11/13/2014-David Chadwick-The Trophy Bride of Christ
  • Tue, 11/11/2014
    11/11/2014-Kun Chen-Salt and Light
  • Thu, 11/06/2014
    11/06/2014-George Murray-Heaven, Help the Home!

    Dr. Larry Dixon and Dr. George Murray share their experience in maintaining a Biblically strong marriage and family.

  • Wed, 11/05/2014
    11/05/2014-Grad Life Chapel's Panel Discussion on Spiritual Warfare
  • Tue, 11/04/2014
    11/04/2014-Dr. Bill Jones-Serving the Purpose of God in This Generation: Pt. 2 The Servant Leader's Critics

    Part of Dr. Jones's "Leadership Lessons From David" Series

  • Thu, 10/30/2014
    10/30/2014-William Harding III-Homecoming 2014 Alumni Of The Year Address

    Alumni of the Year recipient William Harding address the guest at CIU Homecoming 2014

  • Wed, 10/29/2014
    10/29/2014-Zhiqiu Xu-By the Spirit of God
  • Thu, 10/23/2014
    10/23/2014-Douglas Moo-What Translators Do: The Challenges of English

    Part 3 of the Trusting Translations Series

  • Wed, 10/22/2014
    10/22/2014-Douglas Moo-What Translators Do: Making Good Decisions

    Part 2 of the Trusting Translation Series

  • Tue, 10/21/2014
    10/21/2014-Douglas Moo-How Translation Works: Options and Processes

    Part 1 of the Trusting Translations Series

  • Thu, 10/16/2014
    10/16/2014-Dick Lincoln-The Greatest Commandment

    Matthew 22:37-38

  • Tue, 10/14/2014
    10/14/2014-Dan Wood-Game Plan 4 Life: Excellence
    Scripture: Isaiah 53:5, Genesis 1:1, Philippians 4:8

    Why do those who follow Christ choose not to live in an excellent manner? How does real excellence in action move us to improve? Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 53:5

  • Thu, 10/02/2014
    10/02/2014-Tobin Cassels-In This World You Will Have Trouble But Take Heart I Have Overcome the World
    Scripture: John 16:33

    5 Thoughts from scripture to help when going through the storms of life.

  • Tue, 09/30/2014
    09/30/2014-Dr. Bill Jones-Serving the Purpose of God in this Generation: Pt. 1 The Servant Leader's Criteria

    Part of Dr. Jones's "Leadership Lessons From David" Series

  • Tue, 09/23/2014
    09/23/2014-Jeremy Kingsley-Life Lessons from Elijah

    1 Kings 17-19

  • Mon, 09/22/2014
    09/22/2014-Terry Powell-What I've Seen In the Dark: A Story of Depression and Faith
  • Thu, 09/18/2014
    09/18/2014-Adrian Despres-Sin of Achan


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